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Steven Tobias, Psy.D.

Director, Psychologist

NJ License #35SI00271900

Dr. Steven Tobias is the Director of the Center for Child & Family Development.  He has over 25 years experience working with children, parents, families, and schools.  Dr. Tobias primarily utilizes a short-term cognitive-behavioral model focusing on practical skill development for children and adults; however, treatment programs are developed individually in collaboration with clients.  While he utilizes a pragmatic approach to psychotherapy, he values the relationship with the client, and believes in establishing a caring commitment to each client. 


Dr. Tobias provides treatment for a range of emotional, social, and behavioral problems:


  • difficulty with emotional regulation, such as anxiety, depression, and anger

  • behavioral difficulties including oppositional behavior and attention deficits

  • difficutly establishing peer relationships and social skills

  • family conflict and parenting

  • eating and toileting resistance related to anxiety

Dr. Tobias also provides consultation to schools and believes in a team approach to children’s difficulties.  Communication with and involvement by parents, teachers, and other professionals is crucial to helping children. 


Dr. Tobias has coauthored several books, including Emotionally Intelligent Parenting, Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Teenager, and Social Problem Solving: Interventions in the Schools.  He is often a contributor to the radio station NJ 101.5, and has given lectures throughout the country on topics related to children’s emotional development and parenting. 

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