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Spirituality is a normal human need.
It comes naturally to children – their awe and wonder about the world.

What is it:

  • Spiritualism is the opposite of materialism

  • A feeling of balance and wholeness

  • A feeling of meaning, purpose, and value in life

  • Filled with awe, wonder, and respect

  • Seeing outside and beyond oneself

  • An understanding of interconnectedness, and engagement in genuine community Knowing that there is more to the world than oneself

  • A relationship with something greater than oneself

  • Being intentional in one’s treatment of oneself, others, and the world


  • A sense of spirituality makes one happier, less likely to use drugs, and helps cope with the big issues in life, such as illness, suffering, and death.

  • It gives a big picture view and helps make sense of the world.

  • It helps people feel they are not alone.

  • If you feel your life has meaning and value, you develop deeper relationships, which also makes you happier.

  • It helps develop values such as compassion, tolerance, empathy, generosity, sacrifice, and genuineness.

Promote Spirituality Through:

  • Clarification of your own beliefs

  • Talk about your values and spirituality

  • Use of daily events to teach spirituality

  • Rituals and family traditions

  • Stress the spiritual aspects of holidays

  • Prayer, silence, and reflection

  • Teach how to listen

  • Community service

  • Appreciate nature

  • Tell stories

  • Admit you don’t have all the answers

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