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Perry Bell, Psy.D.


NJ License #35SI00608600

Dr. Perry Bell specializes in the treatment of children, adolescents and families. His focus includes depression, anxiety, parenting strategies, behavioral challenges in children, stress, life transitions, interpersonal relationships, obsessive- compulsive behavior, ADHD, developmental and social challenges related to the autism spectrum, learning challenges and time management. 


Dr. Bell received his doctorate in Psychology from the Rutgers Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology. He also holds a masters in School Psychology and a New Jersey Certification as a School Psychologist from the same institution. Dr. Bell completed his undergraduate degree at Brandeis University. Prior to joining CCFD, Dr. Bell worked for public and private educational and clinical institutions.


Dr. Bell practices from a family-systems, cognitive-behavioral orientation. This means that his focus is on the teaching and acquisition of skills to manage the emotional, cognitive, behavioral and interpersonal demands of life. Additionally, Dr. Bell takes into account the family as the context in which children live and the important role of parents in the lives of children.


Dr. Bell’s professional interest is in the field of social- emotional learning (SEL) and character development or the avenues, strategies and methods by which children, parents and teachers can learn the skills of emotionally intelligent and morally intelligent living.


His writing, curricula and research has been published in the Journal of Education and Urban Policy, the Australian Handbook of School Psychology, the American Educational Research Organization as well as local newspaper outlets, state and professional organizations.


Outside of clinical work, Dr. Bell develops programs, trainings, consultations, talks and curricula on SEL, character development and stress management for private and public schools, athletic teams, parent organizations and teacher organizations.


Dr. Bell is a former High School Varsity Basketball coach, musician and is a Morris County native.

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